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Use Performance Of Beach Umbrellas

Sep 21, 2017

The use of beach umbrellas is very wide, in the beach, square, scenic spots, open-air dining area, street stalls, etc., can be seen for people to cool the outdoor umbrella. However, the umbrella pole of the common beach umbrella is arranged in the central position below the umbrella surface, so that the limited shaded area under the umbrella surface is not fully utilized.

The beach umbrella not only guarantees the sufficient cover area, Beach Umbrella but also facilitates the packing and the handling, effectively enhances its use performance.

To achieve the above, the utility model provides the following technical proposal: a beach umbrella, including a beach umbrella body, a beach umbrella body including an umbrella frame and an umbrella body arranged on an umbrella frame;

The umbrella frame comprises a vertical pole arranged on the upright ground, an umbrella arm arranged on the upright bar and a support rod supporting an umbrella arm, Beach Umbrella the end of the bracket rod is attached to the upright pole and the other end is connected with the umbrella arm, and the umbrella arm is connected with the other end of the support rod, and the umbrella arm is provided with an arc-like shape.

The bracket rod corresponds to one end of the vertical bar connected with a regulating seat, Beach Umbrella and the adjustable seat can be arranged on the vertical rod;

The end of the shaft is provided with a connecting seat which is provided with a sliding sleeve arranged on the umbrella arm, and the connecting seat is hinged with the vertical rod;

The bracket rod corresponds to one end of the umbrella arm and the umbrella arm;

The umbrella body comprises a hanging rod hinged on the umbrella arm, an umbrella bone connected to the bottom of the hanging rod and an umbrella cloth laid on the umbrella bone;

The umbrella bone comprises a relative set of Theravada and lower seats, Beach Umbrella a long umbrella articulated on the Theravada, a short umbrella bone hinged on the lower seat, and a short umbrella bone that corresponds to the other end of the lower seat and is hinged with the long umbrella bone.

Beach Umbrella Specification: 2.7m

Beach umbrella combined with total height 320cm Open total Height 250cm

Sandy beach Umbrella bone: aluminum square bone 18*30*1.2mm

Beach Umbrella Material: aluminum frame, 200g polyester cloth +pa

Beach umbrella commonly used cloth color: dark green, wine red, off-white, top color, etc. (reference cloth color version)

Beach Umbrella Accessories: can be equipped with marble base, Beach Umbrella with a remote control, charger a

Beach Umbrella Package Size: 218*18*18cm

Beach Umbrella Features:

1, Solar electric umbrella for the middle pillar sunshade, always reveal the modern breath, more is the shadow of the traditional parasol. Solar electric umbrella with automatic remote control and exquisite pulley system, in the case of insufficient charge, also equipped with a handle, a person can easily open the fold.

2. The best imported polyester cloth is used in the umbrella cloth, with waterproof, sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet ability and other characteristics, Beach Umbrella umbrella cloth colors include dark green, wine red, off-white, top color and so on, umbrella can screen printing company logo, is a good enterprise outdoor advertising carrier, can be easily removed, easy to clean, durable anti-aging.

3, the umbrella bone bracket structure uses the high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy to build, the electrostatic spraying surface, is able to withstand the sun and wind, does not fade easily, affects the appearance.

4, the umbrella seat for four kilograms of 30 kg of natural marble, Beach Umbrella make it more stable features, the main body and block design, without any tools can easily separate or combine the two, moving and handling is very easy.

5. The top of the umbrella has solar cells.