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The Golf Umbrella Makes People Feel Prudent And Generous

Aug 31, 2017

Golf Umbrella is the biggest feature is large, can be said to be able to take the largest umbrella in the hand, normal specifications are 25 inches-32 inches. With more people to understand this umbrella good quality, beautiful appearance, sun shading effect and other excellent features, golf umbrella gradually spread out, high-end hotels, high-end clubs, high-end residential villas also began to use a lot. Golf umbrella is often selected materials are more sophisticated. The umbrella skeleton uses the whole fiber synthesis material (also has uses the aluminum alloy material), Golf Umbrella the fiber umbrella frame unique toughness, guaranteed the umbrella not to be late by the strong wind to blow off. But also some stand in the cost angle consideration, uses the trough bone (Tiegu) or the round bone (Tiegu), Golf Umbrella often can not use how long the umbrella bone will break off, the normal we do not recommend the customer to choose. Golf umbrella fabric selection of high-grade umbrella fabrics, including the main 190T nylon and 190T PG cloth, the use of such fabrics, made out of umbrella often flat, rain, water droplets quickly slipped down. Nylon feel more slippery, more colorful, gorgeous color, people pleasing to the eye. PG Cloth (also often known as touch-hit cloth) feel soft, very textured, it is unpretentious, let a person feel prudent and generous. Golf Umbrella handle More choice Eva (commonly known as: sponge), this handle, feel good, soft and comfortable. Also has the choice of plastic umbrella handle or wooden umbrella handle, Golf Umbrella but it is best to match the rubber handle (costs will be 2-3 yuan/support), Golf Umbrella soft and hard moderate, grip in the hands of the handle than the previous said several handles more comfortable.

Golf umbrella, now more styles, the most common have straight-pole hand open golf umbrella, straight pole automatic golf umbrella, also has 20 percent since the open golf umbrella and so on, because the umbrella is big, often compare rides, a gust of wind after, strength small point, often take unstable, more and more humanized design, will this difficult problem has been solved better, On the golf umbrella has been improved, Golf Umbrella the common practice is to make the umbrella surface double, below the top of the umbrella surface of the air, and then the above layer covered above the first layer, more than the vent of the hole, just cover, up and down a small number of sewing stitch, normal use of the time, the rain can not enter the umbrella inside, Golf Umbrella the wind blowing over the time, The top of the surplus air was drained out. There is a way to do with some of the same place, simply the umbrella frame made of double-layer, a bit like China's pavilion, wind passable, rain can not come.

Key differences:

1, the umbrella of ordinary umbrella is a single layer, and the umbrella of the golf umbrella is to do a single layer also have to do double layered, do double the majority. Golf umbrella between the two layers of umbrella and the umbrella to form a vent trough, can be effective against the wind, Golf Umbrella not easy to turn the umbrella.

2, golf umbrella face is larger, the material is fastidious, the umbrella bone tenacity is not easy to break, Golf Umbrella the relative cost is also higher.

Of course, the golf umbrella can be used for shading can also be used to block the rain, but generally we do not tube golf umbrella called "clear", and called "clear" umbrella is generally not equipped to meet the golf needs of the above characteristics.

Golf umbrella compared with the general golf umbrella it has a few special places:

1 The size of the golf umbrella is 26, 28, 30, 32, avenue 34 inches larger than the average umbrella.

2 golf umbrella is divided into single, double, Golf Umbrella double and split true double family double layer

3 Golf umbrella material is generally used several materials, such as PG, polyester and so on

4 The skeleton of the golf umbrella uses the fiber, the glass fiber, the carbon fiber, Golf Umbrella the carbon fiber price will be more expensive

5 The function of the golf umbrella is stronger, to wind, rain, anti-ultraviolet

Golf umbrella is specially used for golfing, it is more in line with the golf professional needs than the general umbrella, its production profession is aimed at the golf movement. Golf umbrella is commonly used in golf courses, because playing golf outdoors, often windy, the umbrella design into two layers, Golf Umbrella the middle of the two layers can be ventilated, reduce the wind resistance, the umbrella easier to hold steady. Now more occasions to choose the use of golf umbrella, such as hotels will use golf umbrellas to receive guests and so on.