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The Design Of The Wine Bottle Umbrella Is Very Unique

Sep 12, 2017

Wine bottle Umbrella is a new type of portable umbrella, looks like a reduced version of the plastic wine bottle, bottle mouth is an umbrella handle, the umbrella body in the bottle, unscrew the bottleneck, Bottle Umbrella open up is an umbrella. When it rains, the grooves in the bottle's mouth prevent rainwater from getting wet on the ground or clothing. When idle, the lanyard hidden in the cork can hang it up and cleverly designed. Bottle Umbrella Wine bottle Umbrella style elegant, stylish, lightweight and creative, Bottle Umbrella belong to the current market hot new products, the future is very optimistic.

Characteristics and function of wine bottle umbrella

1. This is a very unique design umbrella, the United States like the art of umbrellas, usually not, placed at home, is a very very beautiful art decoration products!

2. Whether in the sunny days or in the rainy day, open the memory of the bottle, in the days of Miss looking for the taste of love, the opening of an umbrella, Bottle Umbrella the thin experience of romantic, intoxicating, this rainy season suitable for you, Yun stuffed emotions, beautiful never old.

3. Unscrew the bottleneck, Open is an umbrella, when not in use, folding up the umbrella into the bottle, can avoid rain wet ground or clothing, Bottle Umbrella hidden in the cork hanging rope, Bottle Umbrella convenient to hang it up, very clever.

4. Wine bottle Umbrella The elegant and creative details, so full of your hands. With such a beautiful umbrella, beauty of the girls, Bottle Umbrella boys will not forget to go out to carry.