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Straight Umbrella Practical Use Wide

Oct 27, 2017

The advantages of straight umbrella are:

1. straight umbrella umbrella bone solid solid, large umbrella, the length of the general are about 70-100cm.

2. Straight umbrella for the southern coastal area, Straight Umbrella the summer wind and rain climate.

3. Straight umbrella is also particularly suitable for the elderly to use. Straight Umbrella In addition to rain and rain, but also when the use of crutches.

Straight umbrella selection and use need to pay attention to is:

1, in the choice of straight umbrella umbrella, the fabric is obviously sparse umbrella anti-ultraviolet performance is generally poor.

2, the fabric due to the characteristics of shrinking, Straight Umbrella the purchase of umbrellas, the umbrella should be large should not be small.

3, the fabric color and UV protection performance. Under the same conditions, the darker the color of the fabric the better the UV resistance, compared to black, navy, dark green light blue, light pink, light yellow and other anti-ultraviolet performance is better.

4, straight umbrella umbrella in the case of wet, due to the optical conduction of water, ultraviolet transmittance increased, the protective effect is reduced. Therefore, Straight Umbrella the wet umbrella should not be used for UV protection.

5, in our living space, the ultraviolet radiation from all angles to the human body, anti-ultraviolet umbrella can only block from the top of the radiation to the umbrella on the UV.

Straight umbrella features

First, mobility:

Straight umbrella has come where the rain to do where the advantages;

Second, inexpensive:

Straight umbrella with advertising investment costs are low, Straight Umbrella the manufacturing process is fast, the impression that consumers and other advantages;

Third, practical use:

Straight umbrella with cloudy shelter, rain rain, Straight Umbrella sunny shade function, is an indispensable daily life of men and women;