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Beach Umbrellas With Sun Shading Effect

Aug 31, 2017

The beach umbrella is mainly used for large sun umbrellas that are directly exposed to sunlight on the beach. Also known as beach umbrellas, beach umbrellas are designed to be based on garden umbrellas. Beach Umbrella But with the current minimalist lifestyle and the development of commercial leisure industry, beach umbrellas have been widely used in the beach, beautiful modelling, effective sun shading effect, cheap outdoor commercial advertising use more conducive to his continuous promotion. The beach umbrella moves conveniently, Beach Umbrella the disassembly is simple, the cost is low, may do the announcement logo and so on the merit.

Beach umbrella commonly used cloth color: dark green, wine red, off-white, top color, etc. (reference cloth color version)

Introduction to Beach Umbrellas

1, the Parachute column unilateral independence, Beach Umbrella with 100% of the space utilization. Avoid the hassle and embarrassment of the traditional sunshade in use to perforate the table.

2, precision design of the transmission mechanism and pulley system, a person can easily open and close, easy to operate and convenient.

3, there is a strong wind resistance, Beach Umbrella the formation of an umbrella in the vent tuyere umbrella, beautiful beauty, and the umbrella seat to match, enough to withstand the wind under 4-5.

4, the main body and block design, without any tools can easily separate or combine the two, moving and handling is very easy.

5, umbrella cloth can be easily removed, easy to clean

6, umbrella cloth specifications can be customized: Beach Umbrella personalized umbrella cloth printing, advertising logo (such as: McDonald's, Starbucks, Xin ning Habitat)

7, strong durability, anti-aging, not easy to fade.

Beach umbrella Design from the nature of the tree, pillar support principle, Beach Umbrella exquisite double pulley system, a person can easily open and fold.