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Beach Umbrella Is Widely Used On The Beach

Oct 27, 2017

Beach umbrellas are mainly used for large parasols that prevent direct sunlight on the beach. The design of the beach umbrella is based on the umbrella of the garden. But with the simple promotion of lifestyle and the development of commercial and leisure industry, beach umbrella has been widely used in the beach, Beach Umbrella and beautiful shape, effective sun shade effect, cheap outdoor commercial advertising more conducive to his Continue to promote.

Beach umbrella easy to move, easy disassembly, low cost, do notice LOGO and other advantages.

Beach umbrella mainly by the umbrella hat, umbrella handle, hook, cover cloth, telescopic rod, buckle, fixed tip, heavy objects, support seat composition. Wherein the lower end position of the umbrella cap is connected with the upper edge position of the cloth cover by the hook, Beach Umbrella and the lower side of the telescopic rod is welded at the root position of the fixed tip, The bottom position of the hook is connected to the upper end of the hook, and the lower end of the hook is suspended at the upper end of the weight, Beach Umbrella and is widely used and is easy to promote. In the case of

Beach umbrella easy to move, easy disassembly, low cost, do notice LOGO and other advantages.

Election beach umbrella precautions

Buy beach umbrella in addition to the appearance (cloth color, size, style), there are many details we need to pay attention.

Such as umbrella column material there are a variety of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, wood.

1, the price of iron is relatively low, the surface should be dusting process (electrostatic spraying) is relatively easy to rust, Beach Umbrella if the outer layer after the fall easily rust, so the beach umbrella generally do not use iron lattice umbrella column and accessories.

2, the high-grade umbrella in general with aluminum columns, aluminum surface anodized and sprayed or painted, the price is relatively higher than the iron, aluminum life longer, Beach Umbrella in the building of the metal curtain wall, smallpox , Doors and windows and many other use of aluminum materials.

3, stainless steel umbrella column quality according to the material of stainless steel may be, because there are good and bad stainless steel, even those who have rusty stainless steel.

4, wooden pillars less umbrella, usually with the furniture, or with the surrounding environment with the use of. There are also ribbed material, size, umbrella cloth weight (thickness) and other various parts of the quality should pay attention to, if it is shaking hands control umbrella switch, Beach Umbrella then shake the wire above the wire with the best, nylon Secondly.

Beach umbrella features:

Beach umbrella specifications: diameter 2.7m

Beach umbrella combined height of 320cm total height of 250cm

Beach umbrella: aluminum bone 18 * 30 * 1.2mm

Beach umbrella Material: aluminum alloy frame, 200g polyester cloth + PA

Beach umbrella commonly used fabric color: dark green, red wine, beige, Top color, etc. (reference fabric color version)

Beach umbrella accessories: can be equipped with marble base, Beach Umbrella with a remote control, a charger

Beach umbrella Packaging Size: 218 * 18 * 18cm Search

Beach umbrella Features:

1, solar electric umbrella for the pillar umbrella, always reveal the modern atmosphere, more of a traditional umbrella figure. Solar electric umbrella with automatic remote control and exquisite pulley system, in the case of insufficient product under the charge, but also with a handle, Beach Umbrella a person can easily open Shoulong.

2, umbrella cloth with the best imported polyester fabric, with a waterproof, sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet ability and other characteristics, a variety of colors including umbrella cloth, including dark green, red wine, beige, Tuopu color, etc., umbrella silk screen company logo , Beach Umbrella Is a good business outdoor advertising carrier, you can easily remove, easy to clean, durable and durable anti-aging.

3, umbrella skeleton structure using high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy to build, electrostatic spray surface, can withstand wind and sun, do not easily fade, affect the appearance.

4, the umbrella seat for the four weight of 30 kilograms of natural marble, Beach Umbrella it is more calm characteristics, the main and seat separate design, without any tools can be easily separated or combined, moving and handling is very easy.

5, umbrella at the top of a solar cell